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Sizing a cowboy hat can be tough! We know fits vary, your child's head grows, your hair might be frizzy that can be tough! Here are some helpful tips before we dive into the size chart.
1. Want your hat to stay on during a run and your style is that of the "smash it down" variety? Measure where you like that bad boy to sit! If you like it on your eyebrows, measure there. Like it over your ears? Measure there too! So, take that tape measure and go over your eyebrows and over those ears! Make sense? If the "smash it down" look isn't how you roll move that measuring tape back on up! Also, don't measure with the measuring tape too high up in the back. After all you are riding a 1000+ pound animal...lets keep that hat on!
2. Measure using centimeters! No one truly likes to figure out what a 5/8 measurement is on a measuring tape. Just be honest with yourself. Truthfully, we are in the hat business and we don't think we even measure in inches correctly half the time! But I can promise you we, and you too, can hit the nail on the head when you use centimeters!
3. The crown of your cowboy hat can determine how far you can "smash" your hat down. Sometimes you will be at a western store, put on a hat, and you feel like it doesn't fit. Ask yourself this...does it fit around my head but just doesn't go down far enough? That is the crown's fault! Not the circumference of that. The two crown creases that "smash" down are Punchy and Brick crowns. The classic crease smashes down as well, you just have to "pop out" the top a bit! Everyone does it, so can you!
4. In between sizes? That is what hat foam is for! Just add it to your cart when you are picking out your hat. It is $2 but truly priceless when it comes to comfort and fit. It sticks on the sweatband of your hat and makes you feel like your head is being hugged by a fluffy hug. Yes, a fluffy hug. Hat foam is a big key for parents wanting their child to not grow out of that hat so soon! Don't you wish we could give them some kind of potion so they don't grow out of their boots, saddles, horses, and hats so fast? 
5. When you measure for your hat have your hair down the way you would when you ride! You won't ride in a high pony tail and cowboy hat so don't do that when you measure. Seems self explanatory but we are here to cover all the bases!
6. How do I put this thing on? Front to back! Put that hat on from the front and scoop over your head towards the back. Hold the crown in the front with your hand and don't pull that brim! Glam or no glam  we want your looking like you have done this 1,000 times. So, front to back (it will help to keep that hat on better too).
6 5/8 YOUTH (21 1/8 INCHES | 53 CM)
6 3/4 (21 1/2 INCHES | 54 CM)
6 7/8 ( 21 7/8 INCHES | 55 CM)
7 ( 22 INCHES | 56 CM)
7 1/8 ( 22 5/8 INCHES | 57 CM)
7 1/4 ( 23 INCHES | 58 CM)
7 3/8 ( 23 1/2 INCHES | 59 CM)
7 1/2 ( 23 7/8 INCHES | 60 CM)
7 5/8 ( 24 5/8 INCHES | 61 CM)

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